AW20 Grey Knee Patch Breeches

AW20 Grey Knee Patch Breeches

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Silicone knee patch grip with anti-slip technology helping keep the rider secure in the saddle.

Flexi hems stretch over and sculpt around the ankle like a sock overriding any possibility of an irritable experience.

A la mode front pockets and sleek back pockets with zips.

Sizing Guide

Our breeches feature a stretchy fabric and tend to be very well fitted. If you prefer a looser fit, it is recommend to go a size up.

 Niavo Size UK Size 1/2 Waist
34 2-4
32.5 cm
36 4-6
34.5 cm
38 6-8
36.5 cm
40 10-12 38.5 cm
42 12-14 40.5 cm

To measure your 1/2 Waist:

1. Lay a pair of trousers on a flat surface
2. Button the trousers up
3. Using a garment measuring tape, measure from one side of the waist to the other