Women's Knee Patch Breeches

Niavo knee patch breeches bring elegance and style in equal measure while offering complete comfort and athletic function. Crafted with expertise, these ladies’ riding breeches ensure a snug fit and bring together elements of luxury and performance. The sticky silicone knee patch grip on these riding jodhpurs helps keep the rider secure in the saddle and ride with confidence whether jumping or training on the flat. To the delight of our customers, these trendy equestrian breeches provide flawless coverage and flatter women of any shape and size. Designed for performance-oriented equestrian athletes, Niavo knee patch breeches have been constructed using the finest technical fabrics. With their latest designs and styles, these ladies breeches are an essential addition to your equestrian wardrobe. Whether you have just started your riding journey or are an experienced rider, the equestrian athlete in you will never be short of style when riding in these breeches. They will keep you comfortable during training as well as competitions. These women's riding breeches are just what you need to take your riding experience and equestrian style to the next level!