Women's Riding Leggings

The Sculpt Performance (SP) Series Riding Leggings have been designed using ultra-lightweight technical fabrics which have the softest butter-like smooth feel, and that sculpt your body like second skin. SPseries Riding Leggings boast premium fabrics which feature a number of qualities such as four-way stretch, breathability, moisture wicking technologies, and heat absorption & dryness release technologies. Keeping the advanced rider at the centre of the entire design process, these riding tights are ready to bring out the best riding performance, keeping the rider feeling secure in the saddle. The SPseries ladies horse riding leggings are also fantastic for busy routines out of the saddle, including tasks at the stables, exercise at the gym or chores at home! There is also the variation of riding leggings with pockets allowing you to enjoy super convenient, secure pockets large enough to hold your mobile. The SPseries Riding Leggings are a must have and essential to any rider's equestrian leggings collection.