What are the best Comfortable Summer Horseback Riding Wear

Riding in every weather is different. The best time to ride a horse is summer as compared to snow, rain or stormy season. One drawback of riding a horse in a summer is extreme heat. So, it becomes essential to understand what to wear horse riding. It is known that too much won't hamper your riding but we can take a few steps to ensure we stay comfortable during summer weather. With keeping the summer in mind many equestrian brands have come up with tops, helmets, breeches, & other riding accessories which makes the horse riding easy in summer. Let us have a look at the essentials needed for horse riding in extreme heat.

Riding Breeches

When it comes to summer riding accessories, then breeches are the most important elements. The most important features of full seat silicone grip breeches is the breathability & their resistance to water. The breeches by Niavo Equestrian are comfortable, waterproof & easy to wear that make you feel relaxed while riding a horse. The breathable material of breeches keeps it cool in weather & comfortable for long periods of time. With a unique quality where you find a combination of thick & thin you find cool in summer & thick enough to protect your legs from leather friction. The silicone breeches at Niavo come in many colors & sizes as per your need. For young riders, riding jodhpurs are perfect for summer time. It gives grip while riding a horse & keeps your leg cool in summer.


People usually choose tank tops in the summer to stay cool but there are many other options for riding in summer. When it comes to horse riding, then you need chest, shoulders, back covered in case of a fall, accident & protection from sunburns. So, we suggest you wear a long-sleeved shirt to keep you cool & safe. There are many such options available from which you can buy yours for you & your loved ones.


Helmet choice is equally crucial as it also helps you stay cool in the summer heat. Any helmet with ventilation will be helpful in saving you from extreme heat while riding a horse.


Selecting a riding glove for summer is also very crucial for summer riding. With increase in ventilation you will have your hands safe from rubs, sweat, blistering & other problems. If you ride in competitions without gloves then surely you will be facing discomfort in your hands along with loss in grip while riding prone to some serious accident. We suggest having riding gloves which come with mesh backs that allow the flow of air in hands & fingers along with reinforcements in the palm area for better adequate grip on the reins.

These are the essential to have while riding a horse in extreme summer to make your riding more fun & exciting with comfort.