How to Choose the Perfect Horse Riding Outfit for your First Lesson

If you are getting ready to hop on a horse to take your first riding lesson, then you must be feeling excited about how it feels to sit back on the horse for the first time. But might also be some tingling in your stomach with a little nervousness & all we can say is that it is normal. We are sure in this digital era you must have seen plenty of riders sitting on the horse back for a stroll through many videos. If you have noticed then they wear some specific clothing which is usually known as Equestrian clothing which makes them look. Well wearing the right clothes while riding a horse is not only about looking smart but also being safe. Read on to learn what & how to put together a horse riding clothing for your first time to make it a complete stress free & safe ride.

Perfect English Riding Outfits

-> The horseback riding might look fancy & different but it is the right thing to wear while riding a horse. The first thing that you need to wear is safety, so your outfit must include a fitting helmet with a chin strap to ensure it's position.

-> Next all you need is a pair of boots, which ensures the safety of your foot. Your boot needs to have a small block heel as it prevents the foot from sliding through the stirrup & getting caught.

-> The paddock boots only cover up till your ankle, then you want to invest in mens riding accessories as you need to invest in a pair of half chaps. These are usually made up of leather and covers the leg all around till your knee. It protects your leg riding tights from all the motions while riding on the horse.

-> If we move further with the outfit then an experienced rider wears a full seat riding breeches that fit snugly to the leg. Usually young riders prefer to wear mens Jodhpurs which wraps under the foot.

Western Riding Gear

-> The rider should incorporate a well fitted safety helmet with a nice pair of boots. Western boots can be visualised as cowboy boots with back heels to prevent feet from sliding through the stirrup, similar to English riding footwear.

-> However, western clothing is very colourful & bold along with a lot of customised stitching. Western riders usually don't wear any special breeches or jodhpurs as their favourite pants completes the job for them.

-> No matter if you are a English rider or a Western rider, you need a good pair of leather gloves as it helps in gripping the reins while riding. Hand gloves are preferable for those riders who ride in competitions but it can be your personal choice too.

These points will help you choose the perfect horse riding outfit for your first lesson.